Different types of gemstones available in the market

Who does not like to wear jewelry? We all might be wearing some of the other types of jewelry in routine. If the jewelry is studded with beautiful stones it can just add more to the look of the jewelry. Many people believe in the power of the gemstone. Even it has been proven by the trusted studies that the gemstones have the power to attract all the positive vibes towards them.


There are so many types of gemstones available in the market that it can make the person confuse which one he should go with. For this, he needs to consult experts or astrologers. To get the best benefit from the stones, the stones need to be natural and of good quality. According to the news coverage by Hindustan Times, they told that Gem selections are India’s biggest brand that is dealing in gemstones. They are not only dealing with the gemstones but they are also conducting different campaigns where they are making people aware of the difference between the real and fake gemstones and what will be the difference in their looks. They are coming up with advanced techniques of making the life of their clients very comfortable. Gem selections are the retail brand of the Khanna Gems that is owned by Mr. Pankaj Khanna that is in this business for more than 30 years. Now his Son Aaradhya Khanna is also involved in the business that brings all the new techniques of buying the gemstones.


Many a time it is seen that people buy precious stones like Neelam, pukhraj, etc from the local dealers when these stones do not give any positive effect on the life of the person then the person might regret buying them. So it is very important to buy authentic products from Khanna gems. They deal in different types of precious gemstones. Let’s have a look at them.


  • Diamond: The most precious and the hardest stone in the world. This stone is worn to please the Lord, Venus. This stone is colorless, so it is very important to check the clarity and cut of the stone before buying it. Some people believe that this stone is for diamonds, No doubt it is expensive to buy it can provide many benefits if worn in the right way. It is worn in different forms like rings, earrings, pendants, etc. The gemstone has the power to heal the problems related to the digestive system. Many astrologers believe that it can bless a person with long life.
  • Emerald: The beautiful green-colored stone that is associated with the lord Mercury. It is also known as Panna in Hindi which is worn by people with great intellectual capabilities. If this gemstone is worn in the right way it can provide the person with the capacity to concentrate well. People suffering from chronic ailments are mostly recommended to wear this stone. Sportsmen and people from the creative background can also wear this stone for its benefits.
  • Ruby: The fierce red color of this stone attracts most of the people’s eyes to it. This is the gemstone ruled by the planet the Sun. people with the zodiac sign Leo are recommended to wear this stone. It is believed that if the person wears this stone in the right way it can get all the benefits like positive vibes and self-confidence. It is very good for protecting the heart and enhances vitality. People who are leaders, entrepreneurs pioneers should wear this stone breakthrough in their fields.
  • Blue sapphire: Also known as Neelam in Hindi, is the stone that is worn to please Saturn. It is one of the valuable gemstones that are very hard to get the original one for this it is better to get from the Khanna gems. The best quality blue sapphire is very protective as well as the fastest working gemstone according to the trusted studies. People suffering from the low phase of life like depression or failure are recommended to wear this stone. It will keep all the evil eyes away from the person so that he can concentrate more on the life goals. It is always better to get this stone only if it is recommended by the expert to the person.
  • Yellow Sapphire: The light pale yellow colored stone that is also known as the Phukhraj is the stone that is associated with the planet Jupiter. Proper wearing of this stone can flood a person’s life with man’s auspicious opportunities. It will bring a lot of good luck, wealth, health and even elevating in the status in life. People who are looking for a good life partner can also wear this stone. People who are suffering from thyroid and insomnia problems can also wear this stone.
  • Pearl: Moti the white-colored stone sis the favorite stone of the moon. This stone comes in several shapes and sizes and even colors. The person needs to wear it according to the recommendation of the expert. People who are from a creative background are recommended to wear this stone, appropriately wearing this stone will bring stability in the life of the person. People suffering from anger management issues or issues related to the brain are also asked to wear this stone in the small finger of the right hand. It will help the person to interact more with new people.


So this is the list of the common gemstones available with the Khanna gems. All these gemstones are real and authentic that will bring the best results if worn desired manner. The energy of the gemstone can bring all the positivity in the life of the person that will make the person feel motivated in life. Today’s life is full of stress and tensions so all the possible steps should be taken to carry out the tensions away from life. Wearing the right gemstones is one of the best ways to bring positive vibes in the life of the person and stay motivated.