The Over-round – Never 100% Fit!

What is the over-round? To gain an advantage over a punter, a bookmaker shortens the odds for a particular match result, or conversely increases the estimated probability of the games outcome to more than 100%. Mathematically UFABET ราคาบอลดีสุด

the sum must be 100%, therefore the difference between this and the bookies sum of probability represents the bookmakers profit margin. A book with a total percentage exceeding 100% is said to be the over-round! So, as an example, if a profit margin were to be calculated at 105%, this would mean that for every 100 units paid out to punters, the bookie could expect a profit of 5% on turnover. By and large, the over-round for online bookmakers vary somewhere between 110%-120% for single bets. With fixed odds betting, where there are 3 possible outcomes, a typical over-round would be approximately 112%, although some can go as high as 118%.

The more potential end results to a bet, the greater the over-round! A correct score flutter for example, can reach as high as 160%, depending on the bookmaker, but by contrast, a total goals bet (over 2.5/under 2.5) would generally be less than 110%. To keep the bookies advantage as low as possible, any 2 player sport where there is no chance of a draw, such as Tennis, Darts, Snooker etc., offer the best opportunities. There is also the Asian Handicap in football, and standard handicaps and points betting in American sports, such as Basketball, Ice Hockey and American Football, where the percentage would normally be in the region of 106% and in some cases down as low as 103%. All this simply substantiates the need to shop around for the best fixed odds prices!