Why People Generally Cough While Vaping?

Coughing can be considered as a very common side effect that may occur while vaping, and often that can ruin your vaping experience. If with every puff your throat feels irritated then it will be very difficult to quit smoking by switching to vaping.

In such a condition many of you feel that vaping will not work for you. Many people often tend to give up and possibly again return to their old habit of smoking. However, there is a piece of good news that although this is quite a common problem, you can do certain things to your coughing while vaping.

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What are the reasons that people generally cough while vaping?

There can be many possible reasons why people may cough while using their e-cigarettes to vape. Some of them are as listed below:

  • An incorrect vaping technique used by a new vaper and sometimes even by former smokers.
  • Certain irritants present in the vapor may cause coughing, particularly propylene glycol
  • Often the strength of nicotine may be too high and that can cause a massive throat-hit.
  • In former smokers, cilia are regrowing.
  • Vaping will dehydrate your body and hence may leave your throat itchy.
  • Often hot e-liquid spits may back up into the mouth of a user.
  • Using a different device may also contribute to coughing because of unfamiliarity.
  • Because of unexpected sweet taste, or due to menthol vape juice, can also cause cough.
  • The wick must have gone dry that causes a mouthful of burned cotton.
  • Often the wick must have carbonized and needed replacement.

So, you can see that there are a good number of reasons why one may get a cough while vaping.

How can you stop coughing while vaping?

If you can properly identify the actual cause for your coughing then it can help you a lot, yet it is not that simple. Whether your cough is due to mere dehydration or your throat damage, to discover the actual treason why the vaping is causing cough may take quite some time and trying.

The following are a few tips that can make your process a bit easier –

  1. You can try different kinds of vaporizers, as sometimes the poor quality of materials or certain functioning flaws or combustion can be the reason for intolerable effects.
  2. You may experiment with different types of the ratio of PG to VG to check what is your sensitivity to PG.
  3. If you are using nicotine-containing e-liquids, then it is better, to begin with, lower levels initially and then increase your dosage gradually.

Often many vapors try to seek the way they should inhale. While thinking about inhaling vape without causing a cough, the simple solution is to – inhale the vapor very slowly since frequently inhaling can also increase the coughing risk.